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3LAU On My Mind Lyrics

Lyrics by 3LAU
Music by 3LAU
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3LAU On My Mind Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Clip Release Apr 03, 2017
Duration 3:04
Views 1402
Rating 4.80/5.0
Votes 5 Vote(s)
Lines 43
Words 190
Unq. Words 49
Chars 785

Song Details

American DJ "3LAU" made a joint work with Australian vocal "Yeah Boy" for his new song "On My Mind". Video of the song was released in April 3rd 2017 on Proximity YouTube page which mostly offers electronic music tracks to its viewers. 3BLAU created this song under his own brand "Blume". Lyrics of On My Mind is as all we expected. The thing in the mind is of course "the lover". Rhythm and tempo of the song is perfect and also drop of the track is so deep that many fans made nice jokes about it. Best thing about this song is 3BLAU gives profit of songs to charities via his label "Blume" and all the profit goes to ACLU(American Civil Liberties Union) for this track. Kudos goes to him for his generosity and goodness. All of us have to take this great attitute as an example for our lives.