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Adam Jensen Marijuana Breath Lyrics

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Adam Jensen Marijuana Breath Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Duration 3:39
Views 2887
Rating 4.31/5.0
Votes 13 Vote(s)
Lines 35
Words 198
Unq. Words 77
Chars 834

Song Details

Adam Jensen's new song "Marijuana Breath" was uploaded as an audio clip to YouTube by CloudKid and KoalaControl on April 20th, 2017. The channels have a total of almost 2 million subscribers and the song's success is pretty much guaranteed from the start.

The lyrics of the song is more like Marijuana talking to a lovesick person, giving advice and comfort. The song however mentions that drugs are dangerous in the chorus. This is a conflicting message as just before that the song praises drugs.

Upon being uploaded to YouTube, the song got immediate attention from the subscribers. Initial approval rate was very high. The song got only 1/100 downvotes by the first listeners.