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Alex Aiono Question Lyrics

Alex Aiono Question Song Info

Genre Pop
Language English
Release Apr 21, 2017
Duration 3:43
Views 5951
Rating 4.22/5.0
Votes 23 Vote(s)
Lines 71
Words 481
Unq. Words 141
Chars 1886

Song Details

The favorite of young girls "Alex Aiono" released his single "Question" in April 21th 2017 on his official VEVO channel. It is put on YouTube in audio format with singles cover art as background. A black & white photo of Alex Aiono is used in the cover picture. He is handsome as hell as always in the photoshoot. His name is written in red which forms a great contrast in the design. "Question" sounds like Justin Bieber's latest songs and most of the fans feels this vibes in the song as they comment out on music platforms on this topic all together. Young musician announced the song on his official social media accounts with simple entries like "QUESTION out this Friday!" and "QUESTION OUT NOW!!!" with #AAQuestion hashtag. He is on Europe tour while he make the debut of the song and there may be some lucky fans who listen the song live on his tour. If you like fresh songs and need to boost up your energy, it will be a logical choice for you to listen "Question".

Also the rising artist Alec Chambers commented on the song stating he is trying to get as big as Alex. You may wish to check his YouTube account as well, if you are into Alex's style of songs. He has great home made videos of his covers, he needs to put up his own songs as well to catch up with Alex.

The lyrics of "Question" is quite long. The song has 2 verses, a hook and a chorus. The hook starts with the title of the song. However, the rest of the hook is more like a hidden Question, not asking anything directly. Alex probably does not want an answer, rather stating that the girl is wasting her effort and she has no hopes of getting back together with Alex. The chorus of the song is quite long and states the current situation of the broken relation.

As an artist, Alex Aiono is not only a vocalist, but also an multi-instrumentalist. He can play more than one instruments such as piano, guitar, drum, bass and ukulele. It shows that he is a complete musician. Besides, he started his career as a street performer in Santa Monica and he clawed his way to the top with many difficulties and effort. But, soon after, he uploaded many videos on Youtube where he performs covers and mashups. In a very short time interval, he became an internet celebrity and formed a big fan group to hisself. After releasing his first single Work the Middle via Interscope records in start of 2017, he came with his new song "Question" and it will be a milestone for his career steps for sure.