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All Time Low Last Young Renegade Lyrics

All Time Low Last Young Renegade Song Info

Genre Rock
Language English
Views 1607
Rating 4.50/5.0
Votes 2 Vote(s)
Lines 46
Words 286
Unq. Words 109
Chars 1149

Song Details

The successful rock band "All Time Low" released the official clip for the song "Last Young Renegade" on March 23th, 2017 on YouTube. "Last Young Renegade" is the title song of the 2017 album of "All Time Low".

The clip has reached 50 thousand views in just hours. It will definitely get millions of views. The clip is about a live performance of "All Time Low". It starts with Alex Gaskarth driving to the performance hall. He stops on the road and watches a couple. The couple's car has a malfunction. Through the clip, the couple is shown having fun, trying to get to the concert. They can only reach the hall at the end of the performance.

The lyrics are medium length, and consist of relatively common words. No complicated terms were used in the Lyrics. The song relates an ex-love. Alex emphasizes regret over the loss of that love. He still misses that person and wants to know the she is doing fine.