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American Authors Everything Everything Lyrics

American Authors Everything Everything Song Info

Genre Pop Rock
Language English
Release Apr 07, 2017
Clip Release Apr 07, 2017
Views 734
Rating Not Rated
Lines 51
Words 261
Unq. Words 70
Chars 960

Song Details

The song "Everything Everything" is made by "American Authors" for Disney's movie "Born in China". DisneyMusicVevo released the song on their YouTube Channel on April 7th, 2017 with subtitles. Even though the song was released at nighttime in United States while the intended audience is asleep it still got thousand of view quickly. The upvote downvote ratio is around 20 to 1, giving an early impression of it's success.

The clip was recorded in the studio and you can watch "American Authors" members Zac Barnett, James Adam Shelley, Dave Rubbin and Matt Sanchez singing and playing the song. You can also see pandas and monkeys in the forest from the movie during the clip making it fun to watch. A map of China also resides in the clip. The movie is a documentary produced by Disney and Shanghai Media Group cooperating with each other.

The chorus of the lyrics is short and repetitive, which is an adequate choice for the intended audience. The lyrics can be considered fairly long.

The song has a vivid rythim and keeps the pace all along. Overall it is a fun song to listen to.