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Andrew Rayel My Reflection Lyrics

Contributed by Tory, TranceBabe
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Andrew Rayel My Reflection Song Info

Genre Trance
Language English
Duration 4:45
Label Armada Music
Views 2701
Rating 4.06/5.0
Votes 17 Vote(s)
Lines 16
Words 74
Unq. Words 51
Chars 293

Song Details

The famous DJ from Moldovia Andrew Rayel and Emma Hewitt of Australia have proven that distance does not matter as long as you are committed to produce good songs and they brought out the song "My Reflection" in mid April, 2017. The audio clip of the song was released by Armada Music's YouTube channel on 14th of April.

Trans music lovers will definitely enjoy the song during summer 2017 without a doubt and the ones who follow Rayel or Hewitt will enjoy the song in during the weekend as the song was released on Friday.

The lyrics are short but complicated and poetic. There is only one verse and a chorus repeated continuously after the verse.