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Anna Lunoe Stay Awake Lyrics

Anna Lunoe Stay Awake Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Views 602
Rating Not Rated
Lines 29
Words 173
Unq. Words 83
Chars 686

Song Details

Spinnin' Records published a new work by combined efforts of Anna Lunoe and Sleepy Tom on April 12th, 2007 on their YouTube channel as a lyric video. The song "Stay Awake" by the Canadian DJ and the Australian Singer got immediate reaction from thousands of the subscribers of the channel even though it was released at an awkward time for the time-zones of its creators. The upvote/downvote ratio of the song was 7 to 1 on YouTube, meaning the song was positively recepted by the audience but this ratio gives it little room to attain indisputable success. Still the song will surely keep many of us dancing to it in the days to come.

The first minute of the song goes slow, in separated sentences till the tempo goes up at around 1:5 and the first drop kicks in at around 1:40. At 2:25 the second verse comes in and the song slows down again, just to get into the rhythm about 25 seconds later.