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ATB Never Without You Lyrics

ATB Never Without You Song Info

Genre Trance
Language English
Views 7644
Rating 4.19/5.0
Votes 31 Vote(s)
Lines 38
Words 296
Unq. Words 105
Chars 1157

Song Details

ATB, one of all time best DJ's from Germany, released a trailer about his 2017 album "Next". ATB and Sean Ryan present their 4th masterpiece "Never without you" in 2017 in the album. The two had released the songs "When it Ends It starts Again", "Straight to the Stars" and "All I need is you" in the past. They first performed the song on February 2nd, 2017 at Chicago Trance Arena. The song is about feeling torn apart from a sad relationship where one of the couples does not act earnest. Right after the prerelease, ATB fans start to discuss about the songs in the Album. While the answer is not so clear since all songs are above average, "Never Without You" is obviously a candidate for the best song of the album.

Even during the preview the song got an extremely positive reception from many listeners. Sean Ryan's presentation of the lyrics plays a great role along with ATB's performance. Overall the song has parts making it radio friendly and pick the interest of people with different tastes in music.

Experienced DJ ATB accomplished to create a large awareness for the song with a very early trailer. He ensured that the songs from the "neXt" album will be played in discos and clubs worldwide. With a flagship like ATB feat Sean Ryan Never Without You and an aircraft carrier ATB feat Haliene Pages and a full armada, ATB will shake 2017 summer nights.

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