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ATB Pages Lyrics

ATB Pages Song Info

Genre Trance
Language English
Duration 3:40
Views 3338
Rating 3.78/5.0
Votes 9 Vote(s)
Lines 54
Words 188
Unq. Words 54
Chars 742

Song Details

While most of us know Haliene for her vocal on popular trance songs like "Saving Light" and "Rush Over Me", she raises the level in every new project and perform the song "Pages" with ATB for ATB's 2017 album "neXt". "Pages" the is first track of the album and it's also first collaboration between ATB and Haliene. Although Haliene has a remarkable fan base, it seems this song will increase her popularity and help her to reach larger crowds with her inspiring voice.

The song was first heard at the beginning of the "neXt" album's trailer, and many people instantly fell in love with the song. With Pages, ATB feat Halien will make so many people dance in the upcoming summer and may be for years in parties.

ATB feat Haliene Pages Lyrics consist of short and catchy lines. The choice of words are carefully made so that the song can reach a wide audience from different nationalities. The song relates a wish to someone for help for a self refresh.

The song has a steady rhythm and more suitable for light dancing hours.