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blink-182 6/8 Lyrics

Contributed by Jacqueline
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blink-182 6/8 Song Info

Genre Punk Rock
Language English
Release Apr 27, 2017
Duration 3:47
Views 1040
Rating 4.14/5.0
Votes 7 Vote(s)
Lines 46
Words 229
Unq. Words 118
Chars 975

Song Details

The popular band "blink-182" has released one of the eleven new songs in the deluxe edition of their successful album "Califoria" on the last days of April, 2017. The song has a fast pace which will make their fans happy. The fans reaction was immediate and clip received thousands of views in the blink of an eye upon its release.

The release was made through a lyric video created by Digital Marionette Studios, and it is obvious that the clip was a result of hard work as it manages to be informative along such a fast paced song, sometimes blending commonly signs in the lyrics as substitute for words. The clip is overall very colorful and enjoyable.

The lyrics of "6/8" by "blink-182" consist of medium length sentences carrying clear statements. Only near the end, at the bridge the singing takes a narrative form and at that point the real magnitude of the feeling of disappointment is reflected slowly in the lyrics.

The narrative part was successfully demonstrated as a chat screen in the lyric video, brilliantly with effects of typos and backspaces.