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Bones TakingOutTheTrash Lyrics

Bones TakingOutTheTrash Song Info

Genre Rap
Language English
Views 9737
Rating 4.02/5.0
Votes 63 Vote(s)
Lines 27
Words 279
Unq. Words 179
Chars 1115

Song Details

American rapper "Bones" from TeamSESH released his new track "TakingOutTheTrash" on YouTube in April 5th, 2017. As always, it has an original and extraordinary video clip as all we expected. It is shot by Daniel Behrens and you can feel all the dark and melancholic lyrics in every scene of the video. Most of the rap songs sound like they all produce by same factory. Their lyrics and clips looks exactly same. But, Bones shines with his unique style and characteristics. Taking Out The Trash is a perfect example to describe his personality and approach by itself. It is a short journey that lasts in 3 minutes 36 seconds, but every part of it make you feel different and satisfied. In addition to all that, lyrics of the song has deep meanings such that you have to go over and over every line of it to get the core of the song.