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Camo & Krooked Like I Do Lyrics

Contributed by Andreas

Camo & Krooked Like I Do Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Release Jun 23, 2017
Duration 3:10
Views 1331
Rating 3.75/5.0
Votes 8 Vote(s)
Lines 32
Words 138
Unq. Words 48
Chars 508

Song Details

Austrian DJ duo "Camo & Krooked" work together with James Hersey for their new song "Like I Do". Song basically tells the story of love with before and after of it. In the clip of the song, we see city silhouettes and landscapes in time lapse mode. Musical background of the song is so simple for an electronic based song which makes it more natural and minimal. It is a good choice for a track which is about love. It does not disturb your feelings with lots of instruments and noice.