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Cardi B Red Barz Lyrics

Contributed by Luke powell, Makyala, Makiah Rochester

Cardi B Red Barz Song Info

Genre Hip hop
Language English
Clip Release Apr 05, 2017
Duration 2:44
Views 15959
Rating 3.87/5.0
Votes 109 Vote(s)
Lines 47
Words 422
Unq. Words 246
Chars 1647

Song Details

Bronx-based rapper "Cardi B" released a video clip produced by WorldStarHipHop called "Red Barz". WorldStarHipHop is a hip hop community where you can follow new hip hop videos, artists, news and more than that. Fans met with the video in April 5th, 2017. Not only bars of the song, but also clip and cloths on the video are all red which make viewers feel the concept of the song with all aspects. She sings her song with her gang and it's a classical American hip hop clip with this characteristic. The clip takes place in front of and within a grocery store. Only different scene other than that is the one she sings on mirror only with her bra. But, Cardi B is a rising star and we may see her in a better place in near future if she continues her way with this quality. All in all, it's an entertaining 2 minutes 44 seconds video if you love this genre and style. It's hard to find hip hop songs in this level and Red Barz by Cardi B definitely worth every second of it and you won't feel bad for the time you spent. The clip was directed by Benji Filmz. The camera movements are an important aspect in the clip. The official clip was published under Cardi B's own YouTube channel on April 5th, 2017.

The lyrics of "Red Barz" is over 2000 characters long which makes it somewhere in the average in length for a hip hop song. The song does not have a chorus. Cardi-B follows a straight flow and delivers the lines right after each other without a pause. Lyrics of the song is mostly about Cardi B and her story. It includes punchlines for her rivals and competitors. With these lines, she deserves more than that and we can easily say that she is an underrated hip hop artist. Fitting so many lines into mere 166 seconds is quite remarkable.