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Cazzi Opeia Batman & Robin Lyrics

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Cazzi Opeia Batman & Robin Song Info

Genre Electropop
Language English
Clip Release Apr 13, 2017
Duration 3:07
Views 2971
Rating 3.84/5.0
Votes 19 Vote(s)
Lines 38
Words 230
Unq. Words 90
Chars 985

Song Details

The duo Cazzi Opeia and Jin x Jin will be reaping the fruits of the hard work they put in the making of the song "Batman & Robin" starting the second half of April 2017.

The duo has released the video clip of the song on Cazzi's YouTube channel on April 13th, 2017. The song can also be found on Spotify. The clip is very colorful, adequate to the sound and the tone of the song. Illustrations in the clip was made by Thomas Lothström of Lotis Film. The clip was directed by Jonas Overton who also has works in Advertisements and Dramas.

Batman and Robin lyrics has a fast energizing flow changing pace with the careful selection different lengths of sentences of the verses. The song received positive ratings both on Spotify and YouTube.