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Descendants 2 Ways to Be Wicked Lyrics

Contributed by melissa, Evie Jr., Jasmine, StacyAnne

Descendants 2 Ways to Be Wicked Song Info

Genre Pop
Language English
Release Apr 14, 2017
Duration 3:44
Views 49253
Rating 4.16/5.0
Votes 339 Vote(s)
Lines 90
Words 383
Unq. Words 140
Chars 1526

Song Details

"Ways to Be Wicked" is official soundtrack of Disney Movie "Descendants 2" which will be in theaters in summer 2017. It is sequel of "Descendants (2015)". It is a fantasy teen drama telling the story of characters "Maleficent", "The Evil Queen", "Cruella de Vil" and "Jafar". Song is performed by the main cast of the movie including Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce & Booboo Stewart. Although we know that the movie will be released in summer, exact released date has not been announced yet.

The song has a high tempo and the flow captivates the listeners. The chorus is sang together by all and each of the vocals have their lines which will probably suit their roles in the movie.

The lyrics of the song is pretty long for its genre with 3 verses, a hook and a chorus. The verses consist of long lines more like in a narrative tone but having clear statements. The hook refers to the the tale "Snow White" mentioning taking a bite from an apple.

The song and the movie might be open for discussion between parents. There will be ones to question the emphasis on evil in a Disney movie targeted to the youth.

As a note for lovers of the series, 3 new character got involved in the second movie differently form first ones cast:
• Gil, starring by Dylan Playfair as Gaston's son
• Uma starring by China Anne McClain as Ursula's daughter
• Harry starring by Thomas Doherty as Captain Hook's son

With this wide cast, it will be a great Disney movie for sure. Lets see who will win this evilish battle.

Check out the news about the song on MTV for further information:
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