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Diana Krall Dream Lyrics

Lyrics by Johnny Mercer
Music by Tommy LiPuma

Diana Krall Dream Song Info

Genre Jazz
Language English
Release Apr 06, 2017
Clip Release Apr 06, 2017
Duration 4:04
Views 956
Rating 4.00/5.0
Votes 2 Vote(s)
Lines 31
Words 77
Unq. Words 39
Chars 311

Song Details

Diana Krall has uploaded the audio clip of her new song "Dream "to her Vevo on April 6th, 2017, close to midnight. The famous pianist and singer from Canada is ready to imress her fans worldwide with this song. Diana has chosen a picture of herself lying on a table in a well decorated room for the audio clip. The song belongs to her 2017 Album Turn up the quiet and it's the 10th song of the album.

The lyrics of the song are relatively short. Some lines consist of single words. But this strengthens the emphasis on the title and the subject of the song. Diana tries to give the message that dreams help people to stay strong and dreaming gives us hope with the song.

Even though the song was uploaded midnight, it received immediate reaction from Diana Krall's fans. The album is ready for preorder on iTunes and the full release is due May 5th, 2017. The album is released by Verve Label Group.