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dodie Intertwined Lyrics

Lyrics by Dodie Clark
Music by Dodie Clark
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dodie Intertwined Song Info

Genre Pop
Language English
Views 840
Rating Not Rated
Lines 36
Words 110
Unq. Words 67
Chars 421

Song Details

dodie released the clip for her new song "Intertwined" on her Vevo channel on April 7th 2017. A vocal over acoustic and bass song, "Intertwined" is a 3/4ths song, at a moderato tempo, with an easy flow.

The clip is based on a toy house and the house's inhabitants. The clip depicts the words form the song using toys, even though they do not represent the meaning of the song exactly. Exaggeration and direct display are dominant factors in the clip.

As exected the clip had hundreds of thousands view on YouTube with around 70 thousands of likes and only 1k dislikes in just a few days. dodie fans seem to be more than satisfied with her new song.