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Dux n Bass Dynamite Lyrics

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Dux n Bass Dynamite Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Release Apr 07, 2017
Clip Release Apr 07, 2017
Duration 4:02
Views 1162
Rating 2.00/5.0
Votes 1 Vote(s)
Lines 61
Words 254
Unq. Words 81
Chars 1121

Song Details

Dux n Bass and Girls Love DJs joined forces for the song Dynamite. The song was released by Spinnin' Records. They had recently signed into Spinnin' Records and this has become their first work on this new roof.

The clip for the song was released on Spinnin' Records YouTube channel on April 7th, 2017. recived thousands of views in mere minutes. Positive reactions highly outweighed negative ones. The approval rate was arond 7 to 1 after the initial reception.

There is a nostalgia in the clip where they pretend to play the song from a cassette. Cassettes are relics of the past now, and most of the new generation might not even have seen one. The clip films a dancing audition where the first contestant falls down and can't continue. Then a -girl next door- comes and dances as if she is in streets, parks or anywhere she would feel happy. When the song ends, the clip returns to the audition stage, where get gets emberassed and runs away.

The lyrics of dynamite are considerable long for a song of the genre. But there are a lot of repetitions in the text.