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Emmit Fenn 1995 Lyrics

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Emmit Fenn 1995 Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Duration 3:39
Views 1694
Rating 4.31/5.0
Votes 13 Vote(s)
Lines 27
Words 142
Unq. Words 56
Chars 523

Song Details

Emmit Fenn's new song "1995" was uploaded on YouTube by SuicideSheep on the last Thursday of April, 2017. His fans have been more than happy to see the release and the audio clip was watched almost one hundred thousand times in half a day. Thursday release might have been an early choice for a song of this caliber, and it may cause less attention from the weekend flood. A picture of a lone man looking to a gloomy sky full of dark grey clouds was used for the picture of the song by SuicideSheep.

The lyrics of "1995" by Emmit Fenn is about a one sided decision about a relation where the relating person did not find himself worthy of the counterpart.