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Faye Montana Numbers Lyrics

Contributed by Philipp

Faye Montana Numbers Song Info

Genre Pop
Language English
Clip Release Apr 21, 2017
Duration 5:21
Label Bitstream / Universal
Views 15441
Rating 4.19/5.0
Votes 240 Vote(s)
Lines 40
Words 293
Unq. Words 125
Chars 1196

Song Details

The teen star "Faye Montana" released a great song "Numbers" in April 2017. The video clip of the song was uploaded to YouTube by Digster Pop on April 21th, 2017.  The clip received positive feedback upon its release.

A very large cast contributed to the making of the video clip. Luna Schweiger, Rocco Stark, Liam, Katrin, Nelly, Lotta, Lou, Lilli, Leo, Telly, Jo, Emmi, Tijana, Amy, Sashi, Mia, Doran, Max, Lia, Merdan Ali, Ertan Bora, Ella, Shenia, Maja, Lynn, Rosa, Laila and Luca joined Faye as actors in the clip. Florian Anders is producer of the clip while Oliver Köppel and Michael Starkl are the cameramen having Pablo Ruist Holst as help. Véronique Helmschrott was responsible for the costumes. The clip contains parts from real life scenes. Singing stops for a while and normal discussion takes place a few times during the clip.

Faye consumes the lyrics at a very fact pace and sometimes the listeners may not be able to catch up with her. Some long sentences exist in the song as well.