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Fazerdaze Lucky Girl Lyrics

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Fazerdaze Lucky Girl Song Info

Genre Alternative
Language English
Label Fazerdaze. Under Exclusive License to Flying Nun Records
Views 1811
Rating 4.50/5.0
Votes 8 Vote(s)
Lines 35
Words 158
Unq. Words 44
Chars 584

Song Details

The fresh band from New Zealand, "Fazerdaze" is getting ready to release their second Album "Morningside". They have filmed their second Clip for the second song of the Album "Lucky Girl". The album will be available by May 5th, 2017.

The song's lyrics are short but catchy. The lyrics are about a girl feeling luck about a relationship. She says that she may not reflect it to her partner but she is really happy.

Multiple filming and video editing techniques were used for the clip. Amelia Murray is the only actress in the clip. She is depicted in fields and open areas.