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Fetty Wap 420 Lyrics

Music by KN Soul Beatz
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Fetty Wap 420 Song Info

Genre Hip hop
Language English
Release Apr 20, 2017
Duration 3:12
Views 1456
Rating Not Rated
Lines 32
Words 266
Unq. Words 130
Chars 1021

Song Details

Fetty Wap's song "420" was released by Worldstarhiphop as an audio clip on YouTube on April 21th, 2017. William Maxwell, this time released a song about smoking and getting high. The song was uploaded to YouTube after midnight, still it got over 50 thousand hits in a few hours. The song got more than 4k likes where dislikes were just around 2 hundreds 6 hours after its release. The channel used a picture of Maxwell with his necklace "1738" as the song image. With this song Fetty has broken his silence. The comments on YouTube showed the surprise of the listeners about the come back of Maxwell. Many have mentioned that they thought Fetty quit making songs. The release date was also befitting to the title of the song as April 20th is also 4/20 when converted into numbers.

The song has a smooth rhythm. The easy going of the music and the vocals match the theme of the song well. The lyrics of "420" is on the short side for a hip hop song. The song has 2 verses and a longer than average hook. The hook is repeated three times during the song.