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Grayscale Beautiful Things Lyrics

Grayscale Beautiful Things Song Info

Genre Rock
Language English
Duration 4:17
Label Fearless Records
Views 764
Rating 5.00/5.0
Votes 1 Vote(s)
Lines 26
Words 154
Unq. Words 95
Chars 618

Song Details

Philedelphia based American rock band Grayscale released their 2017 album "Adornment" and new track from this album started to released one by one. "Fearless Records" put a audio clip of the song including lyrics of "Beautiful Things" on their official YouTube channel on Saturday 15th April, 2017. The channel chose the album's cover picture as background for the audio clip. Album cover pictures a fantastic island and a ship sailing away from it. We see an old man's face as the land of the island. The song includes 2 verses and 2 hooks.