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Have Mercy Good Christian Man Lyrics

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Have Mercy Good Christian Man Song Info

Genre Alternative Rock
Language English
Duration 4:19
Views 1377
Rating 4.86/5.0
Votes 7 Vote(s)
Lines 47
Words 253
Unq. Words 94
Chars 1005

Song Details

American band "Have Mercy" released their new songs from their upcoming album "Make The Best Of It" which will be available on music markets in April 21st, 2017. Song is present to fans on YouTube channel of Hopeless Records as a video clip. Director and editor of the video clip is Roland Bingaman. Clip was shot in a church and there are many religious references in the video as well as the lyrics. Actually, name of the track gives clues about it before you listen it. Instrumental parts of the song are remarkable and guitars used in background is almost perfect. Some fans like the song while others think that it's average. It's 10th track of the album. In general, quality decreases in songs below top 3, but it's not valid for this song. It's definitely worth for your time you spent.