Have Mercy Smoke and Lace Lyrics

Contributed by Mikayla
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Have Mercy Smoke and Lace Song Info

Genre Alternative Rock
Language English
Duration 4:10
Views 941
Rating 5.00/5.0
Votes 1 Vote(s)
Lines 59
Words 325
Unq. Words 138
Chars 1267

Song Details

Baltimore based American rock band "Have Mercy" released their 3rd studio album "Make The Best of It" in 2017 which consists of total 11 tracks. One of the most wonderingly waited song in the album is "Smoke and Lace". It is also the first track of the album. In general, first tracks of albums are the ones which listeners expect most. Therefore, expectations are high for these songs and musicians need to think twice when they put a song in first place. As expected, fans have great expectations for "Smoke and Lace" and they find what they are looking for in this song. It is neither hard nor soft in terms of tempo and instruments. You can feel the vibes of rock music but it does not exhaust you at the end. It is very important for a rock song since it may disturb you if it will be above a level. In this manner, we may say that "Smoke and Lace" is a perfect song for classical rock lovers. You don't regret for your 4 minutes 10 seconds.