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Humble & Blisse Lately Lyrics

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Humble & Blisse Lately Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Clip Release Mar 31, 2017
Duration 3:55
Views 845
Rating 5.00/5.0
Votes 1 Vote(s)
Lines 41
Words 149
Unq. Words 40
Chars 784

Song Details

Humble & Blisse released their song with CYGNAEUS "Lately" at the end of March, 2017 on Spotify. The song was loved by many. More than 30 thousand people listened to "Lately" in just a day. YouTube Channel Majestic Casual also published the song on the last day of March, 2017. They used a night city view as a background.

Lately has over the average long lyrics for a its genre. The lyrics are repetitive though, but this was most probably by the lyricists intent to emphasize the feelings conveyed by the song. The song is about a relationship that has ended or at the verge of ending. And the regret for not being able to be together.