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HVOB Torrid Soul Lyrics

HVOB Torrid Soul Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Views 6450
Rating 3.67/5.0
Votes 18 Vote(s)
Lines 35
Words 243
Unq. Words 88
Chars 962

Song Details

HVOB and Winston Marshall, Torrid Soul is a song full of conflict. The singers once again play their parts as opposing sides and having a discussion during the song.

HVOBMusic released the song on YouTube on March 24th, 2017. The clip consists of two checkmarks on a white background. There are effects of flickering and fading in the clip and it is filmed in 4k definition.

Anna Müller and Winston Marshall do their job well in Torrid Soul. At the second part of the song the mix of their vocals makes the song a good selection for night clubs.

HVOB Torrid Soul Lyrics is in fair length. It consist of medium length sentences. There are pauses within lines. The lyrics is about a couple on the verge of separation.