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Imagine Dragons Thunder Lyrics

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Imagine Dragons Thunder Song Info

Genre Alternative Rock
Language English
Release Apr 27, 2017
Duration 3:07
Views 2460
Rating 4.83/5.0
Votes 12 Vote(s)
Lines 45
Words 180
Unq. Words 79
Chars 901

Song Details

The successful band Imagine Dragons have uploaded the song "Thunder" on April 27th, 2017 on their channel ImagineDragonsVevo. The background they used for the image looked like a scene from computer games. The picture depicts two man standing in front of a tall ice-crystal mass sticking out of a fully flat surface.

The song received over two hundred thousand views in just an hour following its release. Around 1 over 7 people who watched the clip gave a thumb up to the song. The disapproval amount was a mere 330 at the time, which made up for only one percent of the approvals.

The lyrics of Thunder by Imagine Dragons has two standard length verses a bridge and a chorus. A childlike voice is used for the bridge. The song is about a kid's dream of becoming a star getting true, where his/her friend did not believe such a think could happen.