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INZO Letting You Go Lyrics

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INZO Letting You Go Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Clip Release Apr 06, 2017
Duration 3:55
Views 1677
Rating 4.17/5.0
Votes 12 Vote(s)
Lines 30
Words 132
Unq. Words 55
Chars 504

Song Details

Young DJ from Chicago INZO, worked together with another young singer LaMeduza from Switzerland for "Letting You Go". The song was streamed on YouTube on SuicideSheep's channel on April 6th, 2017. INZO's drops hit song at 1:08 and 3:02, but don't miss on LaMeduza's great performance.

The Lyrics for the song short - medium length for the genre with 2 verses and 1 chorus repeated twice.