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Jason Gewalt Surrender Lyrics

Contributed by Kristina
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Jason Gewalt Surrender Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Duration 3:41
Views 1267
Rating 4.14/5.0
Votes 7 Vote(s)
Lines 32
Words 166
Unq. Words 73
Chars 725

Song Details

Spanish deep & bass house Dj & producer from Canary Islands "Jason Gewalt" teams up with "Stevyn Tauteoli" for their new song "Surrender". The track will ignite your energy and make you feel better with its great musical structure and relaxing vocals. As a note for listeners who wants to go deeper in "Surrender", you can find the beat drops at 0:47 and 2:50 in the video clip and experience skills of "Jason Gewalt" in detail. Other than that, it offers a nice 3 minutes 41 seconds tour in electronic music world which you feel relaxing and chill.