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Joyner Lucas Gucci Gang (Remix) Lyrics

Lyrics by Joyner Lucas
Music by Big Head

Joyner Lucas Gucci Gang (Remix) Song Info

Genre Hip-Hop/Rap
Language English
Release Dec 04, 2017
Views 7356
Rating 3.67/5.0
Votes 3 Vote(s)
Lines 84
Words 776
Unq. Words 352
Chars 3301

Song Details

Joyner Lucas released a remix version for the popular song Gucci Gang, which originally performed by Lil Pump. The song put on YouTube right after he became trendy with his spectecular song "I'm not Racist". New song came while people are still talking about the previous one. Gucci Gang Remix is a Lil Pump diss track. He critisizes Lil Pump just at the begining of the song where he is talking about he doesn't care about the names of brands. Brand names, especially Gucci became viral between rappers and people start to get bored from trend day by day. This song has a good message worth paying attention. Joyner Lucas also shows his skills on speed-rapping. This shows the quality of this song and performance of Joyner.