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Kasbo Found You Lyrics

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Kasbo Found You Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Duration 3:16
Views 2420
Rating 4.13/5.0
Votes 8 Vote(s)
Lines 29
Words 171
Unq. Words 67
Chars 620

Song Details

Swedish DJ "Kasbo" and American singer "Chealse Cutler" cowork on Kasbo's new single "Found You". The song is released both on official YouTube channel of the DJ and on Chill Nation which has millions of subscribers interested in electronic music. Most of the fans think that Chealsea Butler's voice is adorable. You can easily aggree with them after listening "Found You". Also, Kasbo shows his talent on beats and direct the song like a magician. All in all, it's a 3 minutes 16 seconds journey for you that worths every second of it.