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Kendrick Lamar DNA. Lyrics

Lyrics by Kendrick Lamar, Mike WiLL Made-It
Music by Mike WiLL Made-It

Kendrick Lamar DNA. Song Info

Genre Hip hop
Language English
Clip Release Apr 18, 2017
Duration 4:45
Views 18706
Rating 4.09/5.0
Votes 87 Vote(s)
Lines 83
Words 623
Unq. Words 309
Chars 2756

Song Details

DNA. is second song of Kendrick Lamar's eagerly awaited album "DAMN. (2017)". It's a song where Kendrick Lamar describes himself in detail with his characteristics. Especially chorus of the song is the most attractive part. He speaks about his royalty and loyalty which are big merits for humans. Loyalty is also name of another song in the album where he is featuring with Rihanna. It shows the value he gives to loyalty. It's not an extraordinary view for your life since it is the one of the most significant things that brings you success.

If we go into technical details of the song, we saw that there are 2 verses and 1 bridge in the song. It includes 90 lines which is an average number for a hip hop song. Producer of the song is Mike WiLL Made-It. Kendrick Lamar also works with him on his first song that released from this album "HUMBLE". We can clearly say that beats used in this track is wordclass. Yet, success comes where everthing is perfect. If there is a weak chain in the circle, you can not easily succeed.

In the lyrics of "DNA.", we also see the influences of places where he has grown up. He lived within crime and violence, but he managed to be successful somehow even the conditions are not so good. We see the influences of his childhood on his lyrics, for not only this songs but also in all of his albums. He is interested in African American culture and history and we see it within lines and verses of songs. He talks about the heritage and the things he took from his African origins from Ethiopia.

In the 2nd verse of the song, he gives reference to one of his main competitors Drake and his attitute after he wins a Grammy award in 2012.

There are songs where he is featuring with wordlwide stars like Rihanna & U2 in the album. Nevertheless, DNA. is the song that attracts the people most even it is a solo song. Thousands of people started to search for DNA. lyrics just for they like the preview of the song that releases in music markets like iTunes etc. We can clearly say that this song deserves a video clip in near future according to statistics. He is one of the most creative hip hop artist that uses original ideas in his video clips. Therefore, expectations will be high for the clip of this track.

UPDATE: Video clip of DNA. was released on April 18th, 2017 as expected. Director of the clip is Nabil & the little homies. At the begining of the clip, we see Kendrick Lamar connected to a lie detector. An investigator starring by "Don Cheadle" stands right near to him and interrogating Lamar. After some time, he makes a definition for DNA as "Do you know what DNA stands for? Dead Nigger Association". When the verse start, signals in the detecter starts to wave like an eartquake and investigator starts to sing the song as Lamar. After some time, he liberates him with the effect of lyrics. It just looks like an hypnotic state. He teams up with this gang after get released. The video ends with a punch on the camera by Schoolboy Q. As a note for those who are wondering the Chinese or Japanese characters at the end, it is written Kung Fu Kenny which is an alias for Lamar.