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Kendrick Lamar ELEMENT. Lyrics

Lyrics by Ricci Riera, James Blake, Sounwave, Kendrick Lamar
Music by James Blake, Sounwave, Ricci Riera

Kendrick Lamar ELEMENT. Song Info

Genre Hip hop
Language English
Views 7903
Rating 4.23/5.0
Votes 26 Vote(s)
Lines 80
Words 656
Unq. Words 264
Chars 2538

Song Details

Kendrick Lamar worked with the famous DJ "Kid Kapri" for the fourth song of his Album "DAMN." His fans have been awaiting for the album relentlessly ever since Lamar has opened its songs for preview on iTunes. The wait is getting close to an end as Lamar makes the lyrics of the songs from the album public, as we get the chance to provide more information about his new songs.

Although very unlikely that there are any, but for those who do not know of "Kid Kapri" yet. He is a DJ who started his career at only 8 years of age. But don't be fooled, he did not receive the the name "Kid" not because he started as a DJ when he was a kid. His stage name was given to him by a classmate. That classmate though was sadly murdered later, and he carries the name in her dear memory. His broadcast performances start in early 90's when he started working with big companies such as Boogie Down Productions and Warner Brothers. Having recently celebrated his half century in the world he is still delivering performances on his own and he is on a national tour, while he also teamed up with Lamar for the song "Element".

Element is a song with a strong beat and calm melody with more emphasis on the vocals, Kid Kapri" providing timely effects from behind the scenes. Following an alto-moderato tempo and a smooth ride the song keeps the listeners attuned to the music. More suitable for chilling and grooving, either at the start or near the middle-end of an evening session, the song delivers what the listeners are looking for.

The lyrics of the song "Element" can be considered long with three verses full of content and a short hook. The chorus can also be called short and it is repeated twice in the song. The lines are made up by medium length sentences in general and some short statements where impact is required. Kid Kapris vocals are at the start and at the end of the song, so the intro and outro was on his shoulders.

The basketball star LeBron James is also a fan of Lamar's songs, and he made a social share on his official Instagram @kingjames account about the "Element" following the prerelease of the song.