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Kendrick Lamar LOYALTY. Lyrics

Lyrics by Terrace Martin, Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith, Sounwave, DJ Dahi, Kendrick Lamar
Music by Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith, Terrace Martin, Sounwave, DJ Dahi

Kendrick Lamar LOYALTY. Song Info

Genre Hip hop
Language English
Views 4402
Rating 4.17/5.0
Votes 18 Vote(s)
Lines 85
Words 541
Unq. Words 216
Chars 2146

Song Details

Kendrick Lamar teamed up with four different brand names in the making of his 2017 album "DAMN." Rhianna is the contemporary star the be in the roster. along with the life-long legend band U2, the emerging star Zacari and his usual duet Anna Wise.

Rihanna is one of the most popular singers who got into the music scene within the last decade. She is best known for her songs "Good Girl Gone Bad", "Umbrella" and "Diamond". She is originally from Barbados, and she currently resides in New York, US. Rihanna generally performs R&B songs and sometimes her style tends towards hip hop, but it is difficult to claim that she performs Rap. In this song as well her style is more towards R&B and Hip hop. She uses a paced tone and delivers the words quickly right after each other, but her performance in the song "Loyalty" can be considered in the boundaries of R&B and Hip hop.

Lamar keeps up the rap on his solo parts, dressing the lyrics officially presented with even more in his fast pace of singing. Lamar has two solo long verses, while Rihanna has one long and a short verse. There is another verse sang by both Lamar and Rihanna. The chorus is also sang as a duet and it is repeated twice. There is no constant flow in who is singing after another, so the song is not like a conversation but it is more like a dialog where both sides singing as they see the need to give a message.

Dj Dahi joins the duo for some punchlines in the intro. He comes back once again for a shorter punchline nearing the end of the song.

The lyrics of "Loyalty" by Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna are quite long, over average in length even for a Rap song. But "Loyalty" is a big production by two of the greatest names in the music industry and their fans would not be satisfied with anything less than a great hit song. Such a duo is expected to deliver a song with solid music, rhythm and certainly lyrics.

The song is about loyalty as its name suggests. In "Loyalty" Lamar and Rihanna question he aspects of the term. We are not sure if it was intentional but, Rihanna refers the the word "humble" in the last verse of the song. "Humble" is the title of another song in the same album.