Kendrick Lamar The Heart Part 4 Lyrics

Lyrics by Kendrick Lamar
Music by Axl Folie, The Alchemist, Syk Sense, DJ Dahi
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Kendrick Lamar The Heart Part 4 Song Info

Genre Hip hop
Language English
Views 1241
Rating Not Rated
Lines 102
Words 849
Unq. Words 417
Chars 3507

Song Details

One of the biggest and most talented rappers of the last era, Kendrick Lamar, released his new song "The Heart Part 4" in March 23th, 2017. The lyrics of the song is written by Kendrick himself and again we see his power and creativity. He refers to lots of different rappers which can be classified as all time bests like 2pac, Jay Z and Biggie. He also mentions US President Donald Trump and we see that his thoughts on him is not that positive.