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Kingdom of Giants Damaged Goods Lyrics

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Kingdom of Giants Damaged Goods Song Info

Genre Metal
Language English
Views 695
Rating Not Rated
Lines 49
Words 264
Unq. Words 114
Chars 991

Song Details

One of the successful successors of metal genre, Kingdom of Giants released "Damaged Goods" as a preview for their Album "All the Hell You've Got To Spare". The release date for the album was specified as May 5th, 2017 on iTunes. The song was streamed on YouTube on February 20th, 2017 and received a considerable number of views in no time.
The song is about the pains of losing people you love. This is a common problem that everybody faces at certain ages of their lives.

The clip for the song is dark. The group members are recorded alone in darkness to emphasize the feeling of being alone. It is a perfect choice for the song.

You can buy the album at Invogue Records
You can watch the clip at YouTube