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Kiso I Feel it Coming Lyrics

Kiso I Feel it Coming Song Info

Genre Pop
Language English
Release Apr 10, 2017
Duration 3:47
Views 578
Rating Not Rated
Lines 60
Words 387
Unq. Words 84
Chars 1400

Song Details

MrRevillz took out their first song of the second week of April 2017 on Monday, the 10th day of the Month. The song is a cover of "I feel it coming" by "The Weeknd". Fans would directly remember that the titans "Daft Punk" fetured in the original song.

MrRevillz used a picture by Holly Mandarich a young and talented graphics designer and photographer working in many areas such as adventure, event portraiture and journalism photography as well as in different branches of graphics design. The image for the song depics a person on a cliff looking over vast mountains and valleys.

The song got a 19 to 1 like/dislike ration in two hours it was uploaded. Even though the timing of the upload was not the busy hours in terms of music listeners, it got a few thousands of views in just a few hours. The song will be a nice breather through out the week.