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KO:YU A Way Home Lyrics

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KO:YU A Way Home Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Duration 3:54
Views 1571
Rating 4.33/5.0
Votes 3 Vote(s)
Lines 20
Words 76
Unq. Words 43
Chars 282

Song Details

German DJ "KO:YU" a.k.a. Deniz Koyu came together with Don Palm to work on a project called "A Way Home". A fan video released on Spinning Records Youtube page, which contains an animation video telling the story of the lyrics like a short movie. It's beyond of a standard fan base video since you can feel the amateurship in fan videos, but it's really a professional one. So, big thanks to creator of this video. Lyrics of "A Way Home" is about a journey to deep inside yourself. The vocals in the track make you feel all lines of it. It's a great choise for such a song and beat.