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Linkin Park Good Goodbye Lyrics

Music by Brad Delson, Mike Shinoda

Linkin Park Good Goodbye Song Info

Genre Alternative Rock
Language English
Release Apr 19, 2017
Views 14175
Rating 4.14/5.0
Votes 79 Vote(s)
Lines 80
Words 475
Unq. Words 207
Chars 1936

Song Details

The unquestionably successful Band, Linkin Park's 2017 album "One More Light" is due May 2017 and another secret about the album was released on April 10th 2017. The lyrics of the song "Good Goodbye" was opened to public view, and we get the chance to provide info about the song and the lyrics.

For the song "Good Goodbye", Linkin Park joined forces with Pusha T and Stormzy. The song was produced by Brad Delson and Mike Shinoda.

Mike Shinoda has been working with other Big Names as well during all the years he's been active. He has worked with big stars such as Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj too. For "Good Goodbye", Pusha T is the the to rap to Mike Shinoda's lyrics. This is not the first time Linkin Park and Pusha T collaborate for a song. Pusha T has been the president of GOOD Music since 2015 now and working for music fans worldwide both as an artist and a successful leader for the production of new and high quality songs.

Young and successful Stormzy of Britain takes the vocals for the final verse and he relates about the success of his debut Album "Gang Signs & Prayer". Stormzy had released his first album late February, 2017 and he got to reach the top on UK Albums Chart. This was not unexpected as masses had got to know him for his YouTube song "Shut Up".

Chester Bennington starts up with the locals than hands over the microphone to Shinoda, followed by Pusha T, continued by Stormzy, having Bennington on the chorus as the lead vocalist changes. The chorus is the part that contains the name of the song.

The lyrics of "Good Goodbye" by Linkin Park featuring Pusha T and Stormzy can be considered as medium length in terms of Linkin Park songs. The essence of Linkin Park can be sensed easily on the song. In total there are three verses, in similar length with each other and a 6 line long chorus, which is repeated 4 times throughout the song.

Even though such secret revelations are nice treats to the fans, there is no doubt, millions and millions of people are eagerly awaiting the song itself. Linkin Park is now in the lives of many people over 21 years old for more than two decades. And they are in the lives of many for their entire lives, the actual song, it's video clip and live concerts is a must to have for the fans.