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LVNDSCAPE Walk Away Lyrics

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LVNDSCAPE Walk Away Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Release Apr 07, 2017
Clip Release Apr 07, 2017
Duration 3:10
Views 2198
Rating 4.00/5.0
Votes 9 Vote(s)
Lines 45
Words 221
Unq. Words 80
Chars 880

Song Details

LVNDSCAPE teamed up with Kaptan from Tenesse for for a beautiful song of regret over a faded relationship where the girl left the boy. The song came out under Spinnin' Records on early April 2017. The music video of the song received over 10 thousand hits and over a thousand thumbs ups just in 30 minutes.

The lyrics of the song is really poetic, where the boy seperates the days with the girl and without her as different ages of his life. He wishes to go back to the day they broke up and rewrite their story. The lyrics of Walk Away" are moderately long and tries to explain the same day twice as it happened and as the boy wishes it to happen.

The clip for the song is full of good memories the boy has with the gir as they enjoy their lives at home, at lakeside, just sitting, or listenening to music and doing common things.

The song is available on Spotify and Apple store as well.