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Mario Joy Smoke My Life Lyrics

Lyrics by Marius Nicula Dumitru
Music by Marius Nicula Dumitru
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Mario Joy Smoke My Life Song Info

Genre Pop
Language English
Clip Release Apr 05, 2017
Duration 3:13
Views 744
Rating Not Rated
Lines 24
Words 143
Unq. Words 59
Chars 550

Song Details

Mario Joy presented "Smoke My Life" to his fans in early April, 2017. MediaProMusic, one of the popular music channels on YouTube added the song for their subscribers on April 5th, 2017.
MediaProMusic used Mario Joy's image with a crayon effect wearing large eyeglasses. Cat Music also uploaded the song to their channel just one 1 minute later with a cleaner background.

The lyrics of "Smoke My Life" by Mario Joy is about desperation form life and recommended for people who feel they are not getting what they deserve. 2 verses and a hook make the lyrics average in length.