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Marky Style Karma Lyrics

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Marky Style Karma Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Clip Release Apr 07, 2017
Duration 3:08
Views 1611
Rating 3.80/5.0
Votes 10 Vote(s)
Lines 52
Words 232
Unq. Words 84
Chars 898

Song Details

Mark Style, Guy Gabriel and Roxanne cooperated in the making of a brilliant song "Karma" The song was released in February 2017 and it's clip was published on YouTube under Digster Pop channel on April 7th, 2017.

Clip starts with Roxanne holding a hammer before a pink background. No doubt the fur coat Roxanne wears will cause questions in the public and people might as if it s real or not. Justin Bieber announced he was wearing real fur just a couple months befor "Karma" clip was announced. Interactions with different objects are used in the clip, most noteable are: a red ballon, a pink juice bottle probably a strawberry milkshake, chicken wings, a knife, a white ball. Also a chunk of plates are wasted by a hit with the hammer in the opening scene. The presence of fur, junk food and smoking makes the clip quite controversial for our age. Overall the clip attracts attention with rapid scene changes between dark and flashy backgrounds

The lyrics of "Karma" is quite long having three 8 line verses and a chorus. The lines are short, the sentences are divided in two lines.