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MattyBRaps Spend It All On You Lyrics

MattyBRaps Spend It All On You Song Info

Genre Pop
Language English
Release Apr 20, 2017
Clip Release Apr 20, 2017
Duration 3:46
Views 6174
Rating 4.69/5.0
Votes 16 Vote(s)
Lines 73
Words 535
Unq. Words 174
Chars 1958

Song Details

The young and talented MattyB uploaded his new song "Spend It All On You" 4 days later following its teaser on April 20th, 2017. The song was listened more than 800 thousand times in less than a day. This success is something expected from him who has over 8 million subscribers on YouTube at the age of fourteen. His channel is already among the top 50 most viewed YouTube musician channels. The statistics on YouTube has showed that one over sixteen watchers voted the song, which is a very high ratio for votes. The song attained a 17/1 like/dislike ratio meaning it has been successful from the beginning. The song will be available on iTunes as well.

The clip is about a waitress girl who works at a small local restaurant and MattyB trying to capture her heart. He acts very persistent coming over the girl and the intensity of his actions to reach his goal cause frustration on the other side and other people around. He opens the doors for the girl and he gets her presents. The girl at first looks like she would rather have MattyB as her friend rather than a lover, not accepting his rash actions on love but enjoying his pleasant friendly moves. They go to a clothing and accessory store together where the MattyB offers to buy different items for the girl but the girl rejects. Then he comes with a watch as a gift and he gets rejected again. He goes to the lengths of offering a muscle car, an attempt that will have the same fate as the watch. In the end he puts his own effort and sweat to ready a table to dine together. He also cooks for the girl and finally he manages to capture her heart. There is a little hesitation where MattyB tries to give a gift again, but the gift was not bought and the couple reach the happy end.

The lyrics of "Spend It All On You" is majorly dominated by the 2 long verses. The chorus contains the title of the song and the title is repeated 5 times in the chorus. The length of sentences varies throughout the song.