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Max Vangeli Save Myself Lyrics

Lyrics by Max Vangeli
Music by Max Vangeli

Max Vangeli Save Myself Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Clip Release Apr 13, 2017
Duration 3:00
Label Armada Music
Views 431
Rating 5.00/5.0
Votes 1 Vote(s)
Lines 34
Words 156
Unq. Words 52
Chars 629

Song Details

Save Myself is one of the most popular songs of Max Vangeli. The song's vdeo clip was released by Armada Music on YouTube on April 13th, 2017. Adriano Delgado joins Vangelli for the vocals of the song.

The clip is filmed black and white. It starts off at an open basketball court, then switches to a night club where Vangeli is on the stage djing. We get to see the backstage as well where he and his frends are taking a selfie. The clip also contains parts where Vangelli and his friends hang out in the city.

The lyrics of "Save Myself" can be considered short. The song has only one verse. The chorus is mostly built up by repeating "Save myself" and "from you".