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Micar Burden Down Lyrics

Music by Micar
Contributed by Johann

Micar Burden Down Song Info

Genre Techno
Language English
Views 7981
Rating 4.00/5.0
Votes 127 Vote(s)
Lines 23
Words 105
Unq. Words 51
Chars 439

Song Details

Micar Burden Down comes out with Kontor TV's new compilation album for 2017. A cool, straight to the flow song "Burden Down" is a good work by Micar and deserves to be in a Kontor release.

The Burden Down lyrics by Micar are relatively short but adequate for a summer song. It is easy enough to sing with. It is meaningful to listen to.

Micar may not be the the leading artist this year but he already took a good place in people's hears with "Burden down".