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Mickey Valen Wildcard Lyrics

Contributed by Noah, Tudor, Jessica

Mickey Valen Wildcard Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Release Apr 04, 2017
Clip Release Apr 04, 2017
Duration 3:15
Views 6052
Rating 4.07/5.0
Votes 27 Vote(s)
Lines 58
Words 275
Unq. Words 107
Chars 1047

Song Details

Mickey Valen and Feli Ferraro came together for creating the song "Wildcard". It was released on "Trap City" on youtube.com in 4th of April, 2017. The song is 3 minutes 15 seconds long and it's full of energy and love. We are familiar with wildcard as a term in sport, but it's used as a metaphor in this song to describe love. Most trap fans wonder about drop part of these type of songs. For those who are interested, they are at 1:03 & 1:53. Beat and mix of the track shows the art of Mickey Valen and it hits the top at these drops. Lyrics also reflect power of love and raise mood of listeners who fall in love.

The picture of the song contains a woman but the woman's face is covered by flowers.Some of the flowers are vivid red while some are faded.

Lyrics of Wildcard are fairly long for its genre. The song has five quadrants. The sentences are broken into lines, so there are long sentences in the lyrics.

The song relates the hopelessness of receiving love back from someone. A one sided love where one tries everything but gets nothing in return. The word wildcard when used for love gets the meaning of everything in life. The lyricist then used gambling terms to express the emotions.