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Mo Vlogs Wollop Wollop Lyrics

Lyrics by Mo Vlogs, Lana Rose
Music by Lana Rose

Mo Vlogs Wollop Wollop Song Info

Genre Hip-Hop/Rap
Language English
Release Aug 09, 2017
Duration 2:46
Views 1224
Rating 1.00/5.0
Votes 2 Vote(s)
Lines 45
Words 258
Unq. Words 117
Chars 1046

Song Details

Dubai based Youtuber Mo Vlogs teams up with his sister Lana Rose for following the new internet trend "Youtuber singers". They are known for their rich life in luxury and video clip of the song also shows this richness, but beats and vocal performances in the song sounds a little amateur. Since the project is low quality, it gets many dislikes on YouTube as expected. Also, it's a result of rich-hater votes.