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Mount Kimbie We Go Home Together Lyrics

Mount Kimbie We Go Home Together Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Duration 2:35
Views 1436
Rating 4.67/5.0
Votes 3 Vote(s)
Lines 16
Words 74
Unq. Words 44
Chars 311

Song Details

English electronic music duo "Mount Kimbie" and came together with London-based singer "James Blake" for a new project named "We Go Home Together". James Blake is known for his vocal on post-dubstep and minimal electronic songs and this track is a perfect match for him with Mount Kimbie's melancholic and low-tempo beat. Lyrics of "We Home Go Together" is minimal just like beets, but meaning behind the words is more complex than it is seen. Intro line of the song ("Cold like money") is a great example of this type of depictions and give a clue about the song just in the begining. Song is 2 minutes and 35 seconds long which is relatively short for this genre, but it affects you more than its duration.