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MYRNE Afterdark Lyrics

Contributed by andrew
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MYRNE Afterdark Song Info

Genre Electronic
Language English
Duration 3:20
Views 2822
Rating 3.61/5.0
Votes 28 Vote(s)
Lines 39
Words 183
Unq. Words 62
Chars 675

Song Details

Singaporean DJ and producer "MYRNE" a.k.a. Manfred teams up with "Aviella" for his new song "Afterdark". Aviella is known for his performances on electronic songs with her clear vocal and outstanding voice. Song is released as audio in Monstercat Youtube channel which has over 6 million subscribers. Song is born after MYRNE's love of monochromatic color arts. We see a passenger looking a high mountain in the cover art of the song. There is a big monument at the top of the mountain reachs up to sky. It's also a monochromatic picture which we see few colors in it. There are mostly shades and dark. Lyrics of "Afterdark" is about exploring colors which is in harmony with the whole concept.